You know, I hate talking about choices because it seems cliche. I remember in D.A.R.E. talking about choices and consequences so I am going to veer away from that and look at it in a more positive light. Typically, choices is associated with consequences and I think the terms “consequence” has a negative connotation. I was in the bathroom just the other day as I was making a trip from the Tri-Cities over to Seattle for the holidays. I stopped into a little restaurant in North Bend and I looked up and saw a picture that said “Choice. I have just one day, today. I am going to be happy in it.”

Happiness by Choice

Growing up, I remember being told that I have the power to create my future. Anything is possible, and with a little hard work and perseverence, I will achieve my dreams. But, I think that misses the point. Sometimes, we are born at a disadvantage. Maybe our parents are drug addicts or not present or not taking an interest in our lives. Maybe, our skin color is subject to prejudice or we are born into a low income family where it is harder to find opportunities for education and bright lucrative careers. It is sad to admit that many face these issues because ignorance truly is bliss but here is a rude awakening. It’s real. It’s called life. However, there is one thing we do have control over. Our attitude. We can literally make a decision on if we want to be happy. When you are grumpy, you are making a conscious decision to wallow in your self-pity and be sad and angry at those around you. Everything begins to look ugly when you have a negative outlook. I always tell people, “Life is too short to be anything but happy.” Choose to be happy in the moment you are in. What always helps me is enjoying the experience. Even if it is a negative experience, I am grateful for it because it allows me to REALLY enjoy the fun experiences. I remember working one summer as a carpet cleaner. Woke up at 5AM, cleaned carpets in the hot 100 degree Tri-City weather till 7PM, no lunch, took a break then went to the hospitals and cleaned carpets until 12AM. I did this 6 days a week. My hands were blistered from the hot waterlines I had to hold and the cleaning wand that wasn’t easy to move around. My fingernails were constantly black with dirt and grime from constantly cleaning out the filter that would fill with hair, gum, dead mice and more. If I ever go to hell, I imagine it being just like that job. I changed my attitude though. I woke up everyday, went to work, and was grateful to experience that awful feeling of that job. At least I am alive and can feel a feeling…yeah it might be of pain and suffering but when I got my next job sitting at a front desk…I really enjoyed it. What also helped me was knowing that everything is temporary. I would tell myself constantly, “This too will end.” It put a light at the end of my tunnel and gave me that little bit of hope that I needed to get through.

Long story short. You wake up every day…be grateful for that. Again, back to having an Attitude of Gratitude. You have the right to choose if you want to be happy, sad, depressed, mad, glad, anxious or whatever else you desire. Being happy in life is a choice.

I love you all




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I am a graduate student earning my Master's In Teaching, working as an Administrative Assistant, looking for ways to change the public education field for the better using technology and imagination

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