You are what you think

I have a friend who is a pessimist. He likes to think he is a realist however, I consider his snide comments to be rather unproductive ridicule that provides nothing but negativity. His day must look pretty dismal from the moment he opens his eyes. I am sure he looks out the window and sees a cloudy sky and curses the day and the rain that will inevitably follow. His relationships are superficial and shallow because he doesn’t believe anyone else is as smart as he is and people are born bad. He makes it through the day unable to connect with a single person, gets home to an empty house and indulges himself in fast food and television. He has created his surroundings and has attracted to him exactly what he thinks life should be.

Now I have another friend who is optimistic, open-minded, fun-loving, free, believes people are naturally good, enjoys the beauty of nature in it’s every detail. Her typical day begins with a quick peer out the window and feels excitement for the surprises the day will offer, the gloomy clouds in the distance are creating a beautiful sunrise and she cant wait to jump in the puddles later on as the afternoon rainstorm thunders through. She has deep relationships with those around her because she truly cares about those around her and is always looking for ways to leave this world better than it was the day previous. As she goes on throughout her day she makes it a priority to better herself through healthy food and exercise. Her naturally optimistic attitude generates nothing but positive thoughts thus creating overall happiness in her life and makes her a desire to be around.

Who would you rather be?

I ran across this quote and couldn’t agree with it more.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny. “-Mahatma Ghandi

As hard as it might seem on those cold winter days when you wake up feelings exhausted, it is so important to have a positive frame of mind. Whatever you let your mind think about, it will eventually become who you are as a person. If you want to be a millionaire, it all starts with thinking it, imagining yourself as a millionaire, figuring out how to do it. Then, you begin talking about it, discussing ideas on how to become rich. Suddenly, you will be up and running with ideas and taking action and before you know it, it’ll become a habit and you will be seen by others of being business savvy and that evening when you look at your bank account I am sure it’ll say “$1,000,000.00” Okay, maybe it isn’t that quick but you get my point. So what I am trying to get across in this quick blog is, figure out what makes you happy. Follow your dream…wait, chase your dreams! Only allow good thoughts to enter your mind and keep that attitude of gratitude. Life is too short to be anything but happy. To be happy, think happy.



About brendenmartin05

I am a graduate student earning my Master's In Teaching, working as an Administrative Assistant, looking for ways to change the public education field for the better using technology and imagination

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