Act With Confidence, Act Like A Boss

I spoke previously about the Key to Success is discipline. Discipline is so important because it is so easy to talk yourself out of a hard task and instead veg on the couch. Michael Jordan didn’t waste time doing nothing. He spent countless hours in the gym perfecting his jump shot. He was disciplined enough to know that if he wanted to be the greatest player of all time, it would come at a price. Now the other part of Michael Jordan was his Confidence. He knew every time he was given the ball with 3 seconds left down by 1 point that he would make the shot–no question about it. As I have mentioned before, happiness and success is a frame of mind, it’s a habit. Deciding to be confident in your stride will result in numerous opportunities presenting themselves and you will be surprised with how much people respect you. I was offered a job as an Assistant Principal and I am only 24 years old. I carried myself with confidence into the interview, not with arrogance, but with an attitude that I knew what I was doing and I was eager to make a change. I supervise my old Elementary teachers and it can create some awkward moments but even if I don’t know what the hell I am doing, I don’t let it show. I heard a quote once that something along the lines of “If you second guess yourself, you already stand on shaky grounds.” Basically, if you second guess what you are doing, you are not likely to succeed. When you make a decision, go for it 110%. Don’t second guess yourself. I suggest to really understand this, watch “Boiler Room” because there is a part in there that talks about “Acting as if.” It is great because it says basically, act as if you own the world, as if you are the only man for the job, the best thing to ever walk this earth, act as if you know exactly what you are doing. For the most part, nobody really knows that much and when you come in acting as if you know what you are doing, people tend to follow your every move. There are not many natural leaders out there. Most people look for guidance and if you walk with confidence, you will be able to change the world. If you aren’t changing th world well…Fake it till you make it 😉

Many of you are probably wondering how to suddenly be the most confident person ever. It isn’t easy and I think it comes down to self-actualization. You must truly love yourself for everything you are, flaws, imperfections and all. It can be really easy to look at other people and point out flaws, however, one of the hardest things in life is being able to look in the mirror and admit when you’re doing something wrong and that you aren’t perfect. I believe that you can’t love yourself until you can accept yourself for who you are and use your talents for the betterment of others. We all have gifts and talents that we are born with and the important thing in life is using what you have to make a difference.



About brendenmartin05

I am a graduate student earning my Master's In Teaching, working as an Administrative Assistant, looking for ways to change the public education field for the better using technology and imagination

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