Life is About Relationships

There are very few people in this world who are happiest when they are alone. It is human nature to desire the affection and company of other humans. We are pack animals in the sense that we find strength in numbers. We unconsciously fall into certain roles that our society needs and become a part of something bigger than we are. As humans, we all have the basic desires of food, water, air but most importantly love. “To love and be loved is to feel the sun on both sides.” Everyone wants to fit in and be good at something. We all have special talents and gifts that we were born with and often times we struggle to figure out how we can use those to benefit ourselves and those around us. Our western society makes us believe that life should be all about ME and therefore we produce millionaires who spend their money of materialistic items. This is going against our instinctual desires to develop relationships with those around us and contribute to the community we are a part of. That is why it is no longer shocking to see celebrities heavily prescribed to anti-depressants. Imagine if all of the millionaires and billionaires did more to help those who are struggling! It is impossible to not be happy when you bring happiness to others. Marianne Moore once said, “The heart that gives, gathers.” I do not understand why some think happiness is so hard to find. It’s actually pretty simple. But, to get to my point…Life isn’t about money, houses, cars etc. He who is the wealthiest is not he who has the most money, but he who makes the most out of what he has. Billionaire investor, Warren Buffet, has been quoted as saying that if he had the chance to go back in life and develop the relationships with his family and friends he would do it in a heartbeat even if it meant he had never earned a penny. The best and easiest way to develop a relationship is by spending time with someone. The smallest of acts can often seem unimportant to you, however they can mean the world to someone else.


About brendenmartin05

I am a graduate student earning my Master's In Teaching, working as an Administrative Assistant, looking for ways to change the public education field for the better using technology and imagination

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