5 Minutes Per Day

Life can be hard. At times, it can feel down right impossible. It’s at these moments we struggle to remain optimistic and positive so I have an easy cure. If we all spend 5 minutes a day not worrying about the stresses of life but DREAMING about your desires, you will notice a difference in your overall morale. We need to escape at times and as we get older, we get busier. We lose site of things that make us happy and slowly load our plates with more boring stuff. In Elementary we get recess and suddenly its taken away in Middle School. When you graduate from college you lose your summers off, no recess, a lunch if you are lucky, you don’t have time for intramurals, you barely have enough time to serve the basic human functions of eating and bathing. But, escaping and dreaming about your deepest desires, vacations, new car, time with that special someone can be done anytime and anywhere. Bring back your imagination and dream a little. Don’t be scared to think differently. Like my previous post, life is all about perception…Change the way you think, and change your world!


About brendenmartin05

I am a graduate student earning my Master's In Teaching, working as an Administrative Assistant, looking for ways to change the public education field for the better using technology and imagination

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