Developing a book and will be dividing personal experiences, life lessons and inspiration amongst Hope, Faith and Love.


I always enjoy walking through airports. Yes, they can be a lonely place but there is such potential to meet amazing people. People from all over the world,  with different socioeconomic classes, experiences, beliefs and thoughts all converge together at airports every single day. Most of the time people ignore those around them, anxious to get to their final destination. And that’s what is so wrong! Before they know it they are going to be at their final destination, heaven or hell, after flying through life ignoring those around them. Life in an airport is interesting in the sense that we have the opportunity to be trapped next to a complete stranger for a period of time and we have the opportunity to develop relationships that could last a lifetime. Instead, we plugin to our digital devices and keep to ourselves, preventing us from growing as a person.

On any typical day, we come across hundreds of people and we tend to get to know them on a professional or superficial level. If we are lucky, we learn a little more about each other and form closer relationships. But, typically we put our lives on auto-pilot and cruise through the day hoping to run into little turbulence and bypass all resistance, if at all possible. At airports, everyone usually keeps to themselves as traveling is stressful for the average person.  I have found everyone travels for different reasons. Many travel for business but, most travel because their trip involves seeing family or friends. The airlines have it all wrong. They cater to business travelers when the majority of their customers are scrapping money together so that they can go see the love of their life who lives 1,997 miles away. My point is this… People travel to strengthen relationships with those who have drifted away, rekindle a flame, to share experiences with the ones they love the most. But we miss out on creating new relationships with the lucky person who purchased seat 12B right next to you. Walking through the airport, you hear phone calls full of words with love and adornment as a mother says goodbye to her son, you see a young couple embrace tightly as their fierce love has finally brought them back together, you see a granddaughter wheel her grandfather to the car, excited to spend time with him. As diverse and lonely an airport can be, it is one place where the words “I love you” are whispered continuously by all.

As different as we all are, we all have a story. Our stories are different and unique to each of us but, they all have similarities as well. We are all here for different reasons but we are all here to find love, give love, and be loved.  As you read this book I hope you find it an exciting journey that opens your mind and alters your perception on life. As you explore many of the journeys and stories of my life, I hope it sparks conversation between you and person in seat 12B.

H, F, L Book

Personal story

-Aspirations/dreams change
-What is actually Important in life
-friend relationships

-reasons for seasons
-shit happens

-Longest chapter
-self actualization
-romantic relationships
-Relationships are the most important thing in life
-Can’t live without
-5 love Languages
-brenden’s degrees of love
-experience different degrees and forms of love; all senses; tangible
-can learn from all forms
– love thy neighbor different
From family or friends or spouse

-ultimate desire is to find love of your life and start a family
-cultural influences – music, movies

1. Respect
2. Butterflies
3. No outside influences or pressure
4. Attraction
5. Best friends
6. Continued spark
7. Cant imagine your life with anyone else
8. Work together – can u survive a move
9. Understand each others love languages
10. Don’t settle
11. Trust, commitment, faith, compromise

Each section:
-personal examples
-life lesson

-how to be successful with all three
-mind body soul

-Start writing a few hours of week now
-categorize blog spots
-6 hours a day during the summer


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