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Sales Motivation video that goes over many lessons in life!


This is a great video with amazing quotes to inspire and motivate. Enjoy!


Fear and Excitement

We have all, at some point in our life, been afraid of something. Whether it is the boogeyman, a new job, a move, or coming face-to-face with your fear of heights, we have all experienced the undesirable feelings of fear. A feeling that speeds through every inch of your body and consumes your thoughts and alters your reality. As human nature is to go along the path of least resistance, it is no surprise that we often run away from our fears.

But what really happens when we run away? We do not grow stronger, we miss out on opportunities for growth and strength and most of all, fun. Growing up I often confused fear for excitement and I missed out on a lot of opportunities. So, here is my challenge to help you determine if something is actually dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted or if you should confirm the feeling is actually excitement and not fear…

1) Ask yourself if  this activity will physically harm you body, mind or soul?

2) Are you afraid of an actual, physical thing, or a thought or idea? (scared of the thought of dying by jumping out of a plane, or are you scared of the plane)

3) What is the worst that could happen if you go through with it, and if you don’t go through with it?

4) Take control of your thoughts and change your attitude about it. Rather than being fearful, go out and dominate your fear better than anyone else. I was going to jump out of an airplane once and I was having a meltdown and a psychologist told me to change my fear into thoughts of being the best jumper out of airplanes…EVER! And it worked! My fears melted away as I was determined to jump out of that airplane like it was something I had done a million times.

Attitude plays such a big role in our lives. It is the largest factor in determining whether or not you will live a life of happiness and excitement, or fear and sadness. The next time you are feeling fearful, ask yourself those 3 questions and most importantly…change your attitude about it.

Perception is Reality

The way in which we perceive things, defines who we are. You can show the same picture to two different people and each will see a different image.

Here is a image of either a skull, or a lady looking in the mirror. As we grow older, we start to lose our sense of optimism and begin seeing issues that arise as problems. When we have problems, we categorize them into a part of our brain in which we do not like to deal with. I know for myself, I will begin to procrastinate when I have to deal with problems. Rather, I am working on looking at the same issue and seeing it differently. I hope to see it as a solution. I have written before about how attitude is everything. We can allow ourselves to be inundated with problem after problem and feel like we will never make it out alive. Or, we can see issues as an opportunity for a solution. Penicillin was made when Alexander Fleming found mold in a dish and instead of seeing it as a disgusting problem, he saw the solution behind it which has saved the lives of millions.

So, when you wake up in the morning and life throws curve balls at you, start looking for the solution rather than identifying the problem.