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Success or failure?

If we can change the way we think about success and failure, I think we could solve sadness and depression for many in the world. In American society we are taught success is about being rich, famous, huge house and cool cars. We are made to believe it is a destination rather than a journey. We are made to believe that failure is eternal doom, rather than an opportunity to grow and adapt.

I have spoken about failure before so you should all understand how important it is to fail in life. Failure shapes you as a person, gets rid of a big ego, and makes people achieve things in their life they may have never thought possible.

Success is a journey, the road you take, trials and tribulations, ups and downs… You are successful if you do not give up. Thus, the only way you can truly fail is if you stop trying. You may not succeed on the first attempt at something, but if you learn from your mistakes, reflect on your actions and adapt your abilities and continue to try, strive and attempt to accomplish your goal…then you are successful!

TASK: Challenge what you think about “success” and “failure” Change your perception, change your world!


Health-You Are What You Eat

We have all heard this but we don’t do anything about it. Let me ask you this, if you put dirt in your car fuel tank, what will happen? Now why do people think they can eat fast food, drink soda, consume tons of sugar, intake ungodly amounts of energy drinks and expect to be healthy? This is probably the most basic and simple concept to understand but so very few people do it. Is it laziness, ignorance or a combination of both? Happiness directly correlates with health. Your health is your wealth. If you look at the studies, as obesity increased in the United States so did depression and other illnesses. Treat your body as if it were a temple and only put nutritious things in your body. We consume so many toxins from the glues and chemicals in our homes that we inhale, we need as many antioxidants as possible just to get rid of these so by eating junk is only making it worse. Below are some links to movies you should watch that will change your peception on healthy eating…

“Let thy medicine be thy food, and thy food be thy medicine.”